Promotes general energetic health and increases overall energy levels, and in turn also promotes physical health and emotional health. The copper within this amulet helps to break through energetic blockages while the coils collect and project life energy throughout the body. Neodymium magnets have been purposely placed to increase the coil energy and power charge the clear quartz. In turn the clear quartz radiates life energy outward throughout the body to energize, circulate and balance the energetic fields.
Instructions for use: Wear over your heart chakra (middle of chest) during normal use. Place on Selenite (included) to cleanse while not in use. It is suggested to remove this amulet before sleeping else you may be too energetic to sleep. This amulet is made with copper, clear quartz and two neodymium magnets.
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EMF Protection, Balance and Tranquility Amulet
Love Amulet Spell Kit
Energetic Health Amulet
Energy & Productivity Amulet
Self-Confidence & Prosperity Amulets
** These devices are not intended to cure or prevent any illness or disease.
If you need medical attention seek the advice of a professional health care provider.
Free Counter
Free Counter
Love products are a touchy subject. No one can sell you "I have love in my life". You will need to attract love into your life on your own. This love spell kit is designed to give you an exercise and a physical tool (the amulet) to attract love for yourself.

You can't get your ex back, or get a specific person to love you. Trying to change the will of others using magic is against very powerful law of the universe. This amulet and love spell are designed to attract a real love into your life (without knowing who it is), if it happens to be your ex or the person you were originally crushing on then that the choice and doing of the universe.
This amulet aids in increasing income. This works by circulating prosperity, productivity and self-confidence energy throughout your body. Each morning hold this amulet and say "I am rich! I have money coming to me today in great quantities of abundance." Pay attention. The abundance will usually come from odd places. This amulet is made with copper, garnet and amazonite. Cord, instructions and a piece of Selenite (cleansing stone) is included with each amulet.
This is an amulet for increasing productivity and overall energy level. This works by circulating productive energy throughout your body. This also works for energizing, healing, prosperity, cleansing, aura cleansing and mastery of skills. If you wish to relax, you must remove the amulet. This amulet is made with copper, garnet, labradorite, a herkimer diamond and magnets.* Cord, instructions and a piece of Selenite (cleansing stone) is included with each amulet.
This amulet helps to cleanse the body from the effects of harmful Electronic Magnetic Fields (EMFs).** It helps in tranquil moods in stressful times and helps to train your relaxation skills. In time of need, hold this amulet in your hand and imagine being in the middle of nothing-ness, completely empty space. Anti-depressant.

We have had such a success using this amulet. Thank you to everyone who has written us to tell us about your success using this amulet. We have reports of children mellowing out and being more calmly responsive while wearing this amulet. Relaxation and meditation is reported to be easier.

This amulet is made with copper, jade, black tourmaline, malachite and a herkimer diamond. Cord, instructions and a piece of Selenite (cleansing stone) is included with each amulet.
Self-Confidence Prosperity Amulet I

Self-Confidence Prosperity Amulet II
(V1.1) #A052 $28.95
Built in Herkimer Diamond Crystal, Stronger.

Self-Confidence Prosperity Amulet III
(V1.1) #A053 $33.95
Built with two Neodymium Magnets. *
Useful for energizing and healing.
Energetic Health Amulet (V2.0)
#A06 List Price $29.95
Energy and Productivity Amulet (V1.1)
#A08 $36.95
Recover From Electronics, Stay In A Tranquil Balanced Loving Mood Toward Others
Our Amulet selection has migrated to our new website.
EMF Protection, Balance and Tranquility Amulet
Energy Amulets
Wire-Wrapped Crystal Pendants
Masterful Wire Pendants
New Design, More Productive
New Design, More Self-Confidence & Prosperity
Stressed around electronics?
Did you know most electronic devices emit a field that is harmful to the body commonly know as EMFs (Electro Magnetic Field)? Cell phones, computers, kitchen appliances and any plugged in power cords can all emit harmful EMFs.
How much Wi-Fi are you subjected to each night as you sleep?
Help to cleanse your body of the effects before it becomes painful. Find out for yourself why many others have used the EMF Protection Amulet with such wonderful results.
MONEY BACK GAURENTEE: If you are not completely happy with the effects of your amulet after using it for two weeks send it back for a full product total refund (subtract shipping).
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The Balance Amulet has been discontinued and replaced by the
"EMF protection, Balance and Tranquility Amulet"

The new amulet design covers all of the effects of the Malachite balance
amulet, it aids in balanced and tranquil moods, and helps to recover from harmful EMFs.

If you were interested in the Balance Amulet, please consider trying our upgraded design.
EMF Protection, Balance and Tranquility Amulet
Powerful Energy Healing
This amulet has a very powerful energy healing effect. Using draining and energizing coils, this amulet set drains away the unwanted energy and replaces it with a fresh clean energy. Intended to be used as a set.

These have been successfully used to energetically remove pain from, joints, headache, back pain and more. Touch the green side of the energy scrubber (amulet on the right) to drain congested and painful energy away from your body.

People are amazed when they feel their painful energy drained away.

We are obligated to say that we do not claim to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease, if you need medical attention please seek the advice of a professional health care provider.

Our intention is to create and provide subtle energy devices that help to clear and energize the subtle energetic body, if the body happens to be relieved of pain or physically heals while using our amulets then that is an effect of the body healing itself,
we DO NOT claim that our products DIRECTLY heal the physical body.

Those of us who have studied energy know that the physical universe is directly created/altered from subtle energy,
if the energy is open, flowing and healthy then the body is healthy.

Healing Amulet Set